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Disorders which can be Treated with Acupuncture and Traditional

Chinese Medicine

How effective is TCM for businessmen?

Businessmen suffer from many of the ailments that TCM is well-prepared to address.
Repetitive stress injury (RSI), frozen shoulder and back pain.
Insomnia, anxiety and migraines and many more personal problems
People who travel into China are quite concerned about food safety and not picking up toxins or sickness and are happy to have a hair mineral test on their return, so as to quickly rebalance themselves.

Cases we have encountered:

The most frequent example is jetlag. Normally for this they come before a long trip and again afterwards. They can have a short course of acupuncture before going to strengthen the energy. On return they would have acupuncture again to rebalance. For men, further examples are bad backs, frozen shoulder and gym accidents, such as pulled muscles. For women, the most usual examples are de-toxing, insomnia and anxiety.

We have doctors from East and West who have worked in Europe, the US and Asia and so can bring the best lessons of contemporary TCM together. Because we believe very strongly in prevention, we encourage regular quarterly check-ups to identify any impending issues. We can identify an imbalance at the early stages before it becomes a problem. Businesswomen in particular are becoming much more interested in taking responsibility for monitoring their own health. We are firm believers in well-practised traditional knowledge backed up by modern technology. We use a combination of traditional TCM check-ups using pulse and tongue with the most modern analysis of body minerals to see any low levels of positive traces and any presence of toxic elements. Toxic metal testing and food allergy testing can help a patient find the root of the problem.

Chinese Medicine can treat a wide variety of complaints because it is based on the principle that good health is a balance that the body is innately trying to achieve. When this balance is lost, signs and symptoms appear which the practitioner can recognize as a problem.

We give you effective treatment for different chronic and acute health complains like chronic pain, low back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, neck pain, sciatica, acne, skin problems, headaches, depression, anxiety, sleeping disorders, infertility and sexual dysfunction. Acupuncture for IVF, facial cosmetic and anti aging purpose are also our main focus.

This list indicates disorders we frequently encounter. It illustrates the scope of TCM. 

Please click on the following disorders’ hyperlinks for the scientific and clinical evidence on how acupuncture and TCM treatment can successfully treat and control these disorders.

All hyperlinked abstracts are originated from the database of the US National Library of Medicine. We not only give your successful treatment, but also reliable information.